Asian Pacific Int'l Patent & Trademark Office

Asian Pacific Int'l Patent & Trademark Office was founded in 1974, we have dedicated to promote the importance of intellectual property rights worldwide and introduced international IP systems to Taiwanese since its founging. With offices in two major cities in New Taipei City and Kaohsiung, we provide Intellectual Property Services to domestic and foreign clients alike, ranging from large corporations, government organizations, educational institutions and individuals. After 4 decades of commitment, we are ranked in the top group of IP law firms in Taiwan, and are highly recommended in relevant expertise both domestically and internationally.

The efforts we made in IP arena have helped us establish a great reputation and have brought us opportunities to represent government organizations and educational institutions. We have earned trust from our clients and become their first choice by providing services tailored to their individual needs. For clients who are seeking for IP protections in Taiwan, China and Hong Kong, we make the relevant procedures easier and cost-effective with professional management at every step.

Our specialized practices include, among others, Patent, Trademark, Industrial Design, Copyright, and related Litigations, with many attorneys exclusively practice intellectual property laws of Taiwan, China, and many other foreign countries and territories.

Since 2003, we have been ranking, by Managing Intellectual Property Magazine, among the top group of IP law firms in Taiwan.


Our Contributions:

1.Dedication to the community on:
  • Upgrading local businesses or industries with the levels of inventions.
  • Updating any latest IPR-related concepts or rules.
  • Upbuilding local IPR environments through government channels.
2.Exclusive Agent for Invention Shows :
  • INPEX Invention and New Products Show in Pittsburgh, USA (1983~2000).
  • New York Invention Show (1980~1992).
  • Montreal Invention Show in Canada (1983~1987).
  • Tokyo Invention Show in Japan (1987~).
  • Invention Shows in China (1989~1993).

What you can get by choosing us?

  • Benefit Professional Management of IP Procedures.
  • Get professional advices you will be interested in.
  • Enjoy the fruit of your work.
  • Best strategies and portfolios of your IPR.
  • Make your way through IP from Taiwan to Worldwide.
  • Simplify your work by one stop management.


Our Alliances Network:

We have strong international IP service network.
  • More than 3,000 IP Law Firms in worldwide.
  • High quality, professional and effective.
  • Long-term business cooperation.

Well-Known Reputation:

More than 300,000 clients in worldwide and over 100 Government Organizations /Educational Institutions!
  • We have earned trust from our clients and become their first ch oice by providing services tailored to their individual needs.
  • Represent most of government organizations, associations, foundations and educational institutions.